Integrated Energy & Mining Systems

By integrating our latest mining boilers and smart control system, it is not only a hydro cooling miner to provide hashrate (thermal efficiency > 95%), but also a boiler system to provide heat. Moreover, we open to direct heat dissipation solutions too.


Technical Solutions


This system adopts the Cold Plate Water Cooling technology, which uses water as the heat transfer medium to flow in the internal flow channel of the cold plate, and realizes the non-contact liquid cooling technology of cooling the heat source through heat transfer. In a Cold Plate Water Cooling system, heat-generating components such as chips do not directly contact the water, but dissipate heat through a cold plate mounted on the electronic components that need to be cooled.



Take Away More Heat

The volumetric heat capacity of water is 2 times that of oil and 4000 times that of air. This means that under the same volume, the water can take away more heat.

Temperature Transfer Faster

Thermal Conductivity: Water>Oil>Air
Water has better thermal conductivity and can take away the heat of the chip faster.

Technological Advantages

Safety, healthy, and environmental friendly

• Clean water, no pollution to the environment
• No volatilization, no irritating odor
• No flammable and explosive characteristics
• Special sealing design

Easy installation & maintenance

• Plug and play, just plug water, electricity, network.
• Installation operation is simple, the power unit supports hot-plug
• Simple maintenance operation, no liquid residue

Lower combined costs

• Less energy consumption costs
• Lower operation and maintenance costs
• No volatile leakage, save the cost of liquid replenishment

100% Water cooling

• Chips and PSU are all water cooling design
• Fanless design, silent and no pollution

Efficient heating dissipation

• Low heat resistance cold plate design
• Excellent thermal conductivity performance

Can be used in small areas

• Compact structure design, the occupied space is 20% of the air cooling


• Mining boiler cabinet modular design


Our company has passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification,the products developed by our company have obtained the export certification from the European Union, the United States, Canada, Russia and other countries.