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Mining Boiler

H Series

Household Type



Technical Parameter


Power Consumption

3~20 kW

Input Voltage and Frequency

3 Phase 400V  50/60Hz

3 Phase 480V  60Hz

Miner Capacity

2 units-Hydro cooling miners

Inlet Temperature

Normal: 20~50°C

High performance: 20~40°C

Flow Rate

20 L/min

Heating Capacity


Noise Level

55 dB@1m distance


150kg(2 miners included)



Application scenarios

Our H series is designed for home heating. Super compact design, 20kW miners and smart control system(SCS) are integrated in a 0.8m3 cabinet. It provides both hot water and heating interfaces. Each one could easily provide heatings for a 200m2 house or 40m2 swimming pool. Also during summer time, it could be easily connected to our up-to-date dry cooler to make it running.

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