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Water and electricity isolation design

Cabinet and miner water and electricity isolation design
Power supply on the front of the cabinet, and run the water in the back to avoid equipment damage and life safety accidents caused by water splashing into the electrical components.
Container water and electricity isolation design
①The floor is elevated and water pipes are laid below
②The pump room is isolated design to avoid equipment damage and life safety accidents caused by abnormal water leakage in the water system.

Non-leakage quick connectors design

The use of non-leakage quick connectors, maintenance of the miner does not have to worry about the short circuit caused by the splash of water under pressure when the pipeline is disconnected, and improves the reliability and efficiency of the miner's loading and unloading

High temperature design

The miner water inlet temperature up to 50℃

High temperature easier cooling,and adapt to high temperature application scenarios.
Can provide higher quality hot water.

Wide voltage design

Miners and containers wide voltage design

rated voltage: 3 phase 380V~480V
rated frequency: 50/60Hz

Technical Parameter


Power Consumption

Over 1000kW,
(Customized on demand)

Input Voltage and Frequency

3-Phase 400V 50/60Hz

3-Phase 415V 60Hz

3-Phase 460V 60Hz

3-Phase 480V 60Hz

Miner Capacity

Over 100 units-Hydro cooling miners

Inlet/Outlet Temperature

Normal: 50/60°C 

High performance: 40/55°C

(Support customization)

Flow Rate

60 m3/h

Noise level

45 dB (A) (external)@1m distance
50 dB (A) (internal) @1m distance


8 ton(net weight)
12 ton(100 miners included)