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Frequently asked questions

1Does the system come with a dry cooler?
Heat Core provide the matching dry coolers. If you want to purchase dry coolers from others, we can offer the suggestions on selection and design.
2Is the system clean during the transportation of the mining boiler?
We will purge and flush the inside of the system before transportation to keep it clean.
3What about the installation requirements for the dry cooler ?
The dry cooler should be installed outdoors, with at least 1.5 meters of air inlet space reserved around it. The outdoor installation ground needs to be hardened and leveled.
4Does the system monitor the conductivity of the water and sound an alarm when the water needs to be changed?
The system can be equipped with an online conductivity monitoring device, which can monitor the conductivity of the water in real time and send an alarm when the water needs to be replaced.
5Is the smart control system equipped with a heat exchanger inside?
A plate heat exchanger is optional, which is convenient for our customers to match heat utilization scenarios. If there is no demand for heat utilization, the water of the miners will directly enter the dry cooler for cooling.
6What is the applicable altitude range of the equipment?
Altitude: ≤2000m. If the altitude is higher than 2500 meters, it is suggested to reduce the capacity. For high-altitude applications, please contact our technical team. We will provide more operation suggestions.
7Based on normal and high performance mode, what is the operating temperature range of the miner?
In the standard mode, the maximum water inlet temperature of the miners is 50°C; in the high-performance mode, the maximum water inlet temperature of the miners is 40°C.